Pediatric Patient Form

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Please complete this form in its entirety. ALL INFORMATION IS KEPT CONFIDENTIAL.

Patient Information:

General Information:

If referred to my office, by whom?

Purpose of visit/ specific concern:

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Has your child ever been to a chiropractor before?

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Reason for Care:

Does your child have other Health Problems?

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Name of Pediatrician:

Date of Last Visit:

Number of Doses of Antibiotics your child has taken:

Number of Doses of Prescription Medication
your child has taken:

Vaccination History:

Prenatal History:

Name of Obstetrician/ Midwife:

Complications During Pregnancy?


Complications During Delivery?


Ultrasounds During Pregnancy?

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Medications During Pregnancy?


Cigarettes/ Alcohol use During Pregnancy?

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Location of Birth:

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Feeding History:


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Formula fed?

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Introduced Solids at:


Introduced Cows Milk at:


Food/ Juice Allergies or Intolerances?


Developmental History:

During the following times your child's spine is most vulnerable to stress and should routinely be checked by a doctor of chiropractic for prevention and early detection of vertebral subluxation (spinal nerve interference). At what age was your child able to:

According to the National Safety Council, approximately 50% of children fall from a high place during their first year of life (e.g. a bed, changing table, down stairs etc). Was this the case with you child?

Please Describe:

Is/ Has your child been involved in any high impact or contact type sports (i.e. soccer, football, gymnastics, baseball, cheerleading, martial arts, etc.)?


Has your child ever been involved in a car accident?

Please Describe:

Has your child been seen on an emergency basis?


Other traumas not described above?

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Prior Surgery?




Consent to Treat a Minor:

I hereby request and authorize this office and its doctor to perform diagnostic test and render chiropractic care as she deems necessary, to my minor child: .

As of this date, I have the legal right to select and authorize health care services for the minor child named above.

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