Dr. Nicole is a 2013 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic. While at Palmer, Dr. Nicole had extensive training under a Pediatric & Pregnancy specialist, providing chiropractic care for many expecting mothers and pediatric patients. Thanks to this extensive training, Dr. Nicole became very passionate about providing chiropractic care to expecting mothers and families by assisting them in achieving their overall wellness. Dr. Nicole is Webster certified through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and is currently working on her Pediatric and Perinatal Certification with them.

The Webster Technique, is a specific chiropractic method in which the pregnant pelvis is evaluated and adjusted to relieve undue stress on the pelvis, uterus, supporting ligaments, and the developing baby. While practicing the Webster Technique, Dr. Nicole has witnessed many mothers experience a more comfortable pregnancy, delivery. Notice many babies who were better able to feed, sleep, and poop with more ease, and children that became sick less often. These childeren also have shown improved sports performances, and have less focus issues. (This one Dr. Nicole experienced first hand).

As a teenager Dr. Nicole experienced intense headaches that were interrupting her focus and decreasing her activeness. She visited doctors and tried many things, but nothing worked. Then she tried Chiropractor and she felt a change in the intensity and frequency of her headaches. Even though she didn’t understand what was happening, she continued with chiropractic care and eventually her headaches resolved completely.

Dr. Nicole was incredibly thankful that she was able to regain her health via the natural methods of chiropractic. The results she experienced really resonated with her beliefs of how her body should function. Ultimately thanks to her personal experiences, Dr. Nicole feels she was called to be a Chiropractor so that she could help others maintain their health and well-being naturally. During chiropractic school, she learned how the body works and heals itself via the nervous system. Dr. Nicole strives to help others understand how their bodies work and to make sure that their body’s nervous system is functioning at its best capacity.


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