Relax muscles, heal from injuries, improve circulation, and sooth your soul with massage at AHFC and massage. Abundant Health has licensed massage therapists on staff in Bozeman with experience providing critical massage therapy to patients of all medical and physical backgrounds.

Your body deserves the best care, and that is why we offer tailored services and techniques to meet your needs. Myofascial release, deep tissue massage, sports massage, post injury massage, pre-natal massage…there are a variety of reasons why you will want to be here on our table.

You may be wanting relief from acute muscle spasms, car accidents, sports injury, or you may be looking to make body work a part of your proactive wellness routine. AHFC and massage offers the convenience of online booking, discount packaging as well as gift certificates.


We are looking for an additional expirenced massage therapist to join our team. If you think you’d be a good fit, please reach out
to us at or (406) 585-7000.

For centuries leading up to now, massage therapy has remained a time-tested healing practice for various health disorders. Today, massage therapy provides millions of people much-needed relief from many health challenges. In the United States alone, more than 47.5 million people receive massages yearly, many for pain management, migraine control, injury rehabilitation, and stress disorders. For you, massage could be a means of pursuing general wellness or treating a particular illness.

Massages could be your source of relief from specific illnesses. Additionally, receiving massages from a trained practitioner can help with;

  • REDUCING STRESS – Massage induces a state of relaxation and healing that ‘de-stresses’ your entire person. Massages can relieve emotional stress, physical stress and stress-related disorders like tension headaches.
  • IMPROVING PHYSICAL FITNESS – If you’re a professional athlete or someone who just loves to exercise, massages can help soothe the muscle tension/soreness that comes with intense physical activity; all the while preventing injuries and boosting your performance.
  • BOOSTING YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM – In relieving stress, massage therapy acts as an immune booster. Recent studies have also shown that massages directly enhance the activity of specific immune cells called Natural Killer cells. Natural Killer cells are actively involved in fighting off viral diseases.
  • IMPROVING YOUR MENTAL WELL BEING – The relaxing feeling from a good massage not only de-stresses you it also helps with anxiety and depression. There’s now scientific evidence to show that massage therapy directly addresses symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression.
  • PAIN MANAGEMENT – Massage can play a crucial role in pain management, inclusive of pain from arthritis, myalgias, or chronic situations.

Healing of injured tissues requires an adequate amount of nutrients and oxygen supplied by proper blood flow. Massage helps promote proper circulation and stimulation, to help promote the body’s natural healing mechanisms.  By improving blood circulation in and around injured muscles, ligaments, and tendons, massage from a licensed massage therapist in Bozeman can help your body recover faster after an injury.

Post-injury massages are particularly effective in cases of acute pain, muscle tightness, abnormal scar formation and contractures following an injury. Whether for strains, sprains, or muscle tears, post-injury massages accelerate the healing process, so you recover faster, better, with less pain and reduced scar tissue.


Abundant Health Family Chiropractic Massage offers advanced therapeutic massage treatments for patients across Bozeman, Belgrade, Big Sky, and the Gallatin Valley.