I have been so blessed to meet with Dr. Kimberly Maxwell at Abundant Health Chiropractic. I first met Dr. Maxwell 3 years ago, I was having issues with arthritis in my cervical vertebrae and my posture, due to an injury years ago. We meet weekly for adjustments. She keeps me aligned so I can age as gracefully as possible! The Chiropractic care cannot reverse the arthritis, but helps keep my spine supple and prevents more from developing. My posture is so much better and I have a much greater range of motion with my neck! Because my alignment is so much better I am not putting extra stress on my joints. And I am able to get out to do all the things I love…. skiing, hiking, biking, hunting! This past weekend my friend and I participated in the Lewis and Clark 12K Expedition trail race!! I feel great! .

Denise P.