Owning Dogwatch of Montana is a passion. Installing the best, most professional hidden pet fencing is the mission. Properly training the pets is a given. The work is fun, but physical. His performance, and ability to work cannot be limited by back pain. In addition, Ed’s past time has him scaling the trail-less and rugged back country….long adventurous but arduous days, with heavy packs. These wild places are not for the weak….when you lift with your back,…problems can happen.

Ed’s Story – Avid Hunter, Dog Lover, Bozeman Business Owner

Throughout my adult life I haven’t taken the best care of my back.  The old saying is “lift with your back, not your legs” right? Oftentimes it seems like the back is the way to go.  So, for many years of working and playing my back has slowly been telling me that maybe the legs are actually the better way to lift things.  After a few significant episodes that prevented me from doing my job and hobbies efficiently I visited Dr. Maxwell to help get on the right path.  

After a few sessions I noticed a substantial boost to my physical performance.  This has helped with my ability to sleep better which in turn has increased my energy level.  Instead of packing out only one elk quarter I now throw in a backstrap to add to the load.  What used to be 5 loads of elk meat has turned into a moderately heavy 4, with no pain the next day.  I should have been going to see her sooner!

I can call Dr. Maxwell and typically get in to see her on the same day, sometimes within a few hours.  Her office is centrally located and couldn’t possibly be more convenient to get to.  Without a doubt the service she provides will get you back to where you need to be.  Don’t be afraid to give her a call!  Oh, and she has the best Honey that you will ever find – Maxwell Honey!!

Larry “Ed” JohnsonDogWatch of Montana