Being an endurance athlete requires stamina, resilience, mental, physical toughness and a strong capable body. Having neck pain and an inability to rotate your spine without searing pain, creates an un-necessary distraction. This was the case for Chelsea – her sleep was disrupted, she could not find comfort in the day, packs were hard to carry. Stretching, yoga, pillows were not producing a resolution. For a person who ultra runs for fun most weekends, who mountaineers when she is not trail running, and who is a PhD level Assistant Professor, this was very inconvenient, and negatively affecting her performance, as well as affecting the safety of others who trailblaze beside her.

Chelsea’s Story-Perspective from an Endurance Athlete

I began chiropractic care with Dr. Kimberly Maxwell after receiving an enthusiastic recommendation from a friend who is also a client. She described Dr. Maxwell as an effective chiropractor but also as a warm, thoughtful, and energetic person that takes personal interest in her clients maintaining or improving their health. Now, several months into my chiropractic treatments, my neck pain and function are immensely improved from before treatment. I look forward to each of my visits and would immediately recommend Dr. Maxwell to my friends and family.

Thank you!!

C. H., PhD.,

Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering-Endurance Athlete

Bridger Ridge