When a tiger is chasing you, running saves your life. That said even when you don’t have a tiger after your tail, running saves your life!

According to research regularly participating in running is associated with up to a 27% reduced risk for death from….ANY cause! And we are not talking 100’s of miles of running. According to Zeljko Pedisic, PhD, you only need to run 1 time a week to gain these benefits. When you incorporate running into your life routines you can expect to see up to 30% lower risk for death from cardiovascular illness and up to a 23% reduced risk for death from cancer. In the study (1), the percentages were those of runners from an analysis of 14 previous studies, comparing their death rates with the death rates of people who did no running.

Your body was built to move. Movement is considered a nutrient for your body. When you do not move an adequate amount, your health declines significantly. According to current research, a person sits an average of 13 hours a day! Our practice member always want to know, what they can do as self care to improve their own health. The answer is VERY simple and VERY realistic; and it is: GET OUT AND MOVE, everyday!

Each year at Abundant Health Family Chiropractic, Dr. Kimberly Maxwell and her team host our annual Winter Wellness Challenge, as we know how running (and movement) saves your life by improving your function! Keep your eyes peeled in December for early registration, and join us in a 6 week program to prepare you for the 10K Run to the Pub.

(1) Zelijko Pedisic, PhD, associate professor of public health, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia, and leader of a meta-analysis of studies involving 232,149 people, published in BMJ.