The amazing benefits of Chiropractic Care-Briana’s story.

“I first became aware of chiropractic care as a child. I used to ride with my grandmother to see her chiropractor in the small town about 30 minutes away from my hometown in northern MN.  Eventually, I also started getting adjustments at those visits, and I continued chiropractic care off and on as a young adult, to manage headaches and neck pain.

However, when I truly realized how awesome the benefits of chiropractic care could be, was when my daughter had amazing results for something I didn’t even know could be addressed with chiropractic care!  

I met Dr. Maxwell and the team at Abundant Health Chiropractic in the fall of 2015, when my daughter was about 1-1/2.  She had been suffering from chronic ear infections, and when we were given the option to have surgery to put tubes in her ears, I wanted a less intrusive alternative.  

Shauntelle sent me an article that Dr. Maxwell had written about chiropractic adjustments can help kids suffering with ear infections, and I decided to give it a shot.  We started weekly adjustments, and the number of ear infections she experienced decreased dramatically (from monthly to maybe 1 or 2 a year). I actually don’t even remember the last time she had an ear infection!  Today, my daughter continues monthly adjustments for wellness.  I also still see Dr. Maxwell on a regular basis, and always feel much better when I get adjusted regularly!”

-Briana L.