“My children and I began our journey with Abundant Health when I was pregnant with my youngest child.  I was hoping to find a natural way to help her and myself to prepare for birth. What we also found was a way to maintain health. I was immediately struck by the openness and loving support that we encountered on our first visit. Shauntelle and Dr. Maxwell were, and still are, truly helpful, informative and patient!

Shortly after my daughter was born, we started seeing them on a monthly basis to maintain our health.  In the past, I would get sick with great frequency as a teacher.  It was defeating on many levels.  I would lose pay and just didn’t feel as though I could do much else other than rest and provide basic care for my family.  Never mind cleaning my house, exercising and getting ahead financially!!  After a few months of regular care, I started to move out of that pattern and I have generally remained strong and healthy ever since.  My children were also not as susceptible to many of the common viruses that would circulate at their schools.  It was an empowering feeling!!

Now we continue to see Shauntelle and Dr. Maxwell to maintain our wellness and because I feel a deep kinship and friendship with them.  I simply love how enthusiastic, positive and encouraging they both are!  It just makes my weak to laugh and joke around with them.  

Over the years, I have sent many friends to see them for their various health issues.  It always makes me smile when I think about how their trajectory could shift, just like ours did!  I firmly believe that we are healthier because of our consistent and regular care from Dr. Maxwell.  I only hope that others can find this kind of support and success as well!!”

Kristin W.