From October – February, the American dietary sugar and simple carbohydrate intakes are statistically the highest compared to other times of the year. Halloween starts sugar season with a ding-dong-trick or treat, followed by Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, and wrapping up with Valentine’s Day in February. October – February is also considered to be Cold and Flu season, with the highest reported cold and flu cases. Flu Season and sugar season have a direct correlation, not necessarily because virus and bacteria are out of hand, but rather because your immune system is weakened through poor dietary habits.

Sugar depresses your immunity setting you up to get sick.  Bacteria and viruses surround you all year round, but when accompanied by the immune killing impacts of a high sugar diet, your body’s immune response is altered and put to the test  Studies show that within ½ hour of ingesting sugar, you reduce your white blood cells ability to fight germs by 40 percent.  Your white blood cells also require Vitamin C to activate the immune response.  Sugar and Vitamin C use the same receptor to enter the cell.  When all the cell’s receptors are full of sugar molecules, Vitamin C cannot activate the immune response.

Here are 6 Great ways to boost your immunity:

  1. Amplify your Antioxidant Intake with lots of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables.
  2. Alleviate stress as cortisol (fight/flight hormone) affects your immunity.
  3. Embrace Exercise – it increases your natural killer cells potent for infection AND cancer
  4. Savor your sleep – rest, recovery, restitution is required for optimal Immune function
  5. Supplement Vitamin D and Probiotics – they boost immunity, and decrease inflammation
  6. Schedule Chiropractic Adjustments – studies show they decrease stress hormone, improve antibody function and increase White Blood Cells that destroy pathogens.

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