“I have heard countless times from my 11 year old daughter.. “Mom, why won’t you ski with me?”I skied years ago but was not really passionate about tackling the slopes again. It was more that I, for the past few years, was constantly recovering from a knee injury. I would twist my knee, pull a ligament…even without engaging in any strenuous exercise.

I know the ability of the body to heal. I had, however, become lethargic about taking steps needed to heal my knees…I was just getting by.

As I was ‘strolling’ along one day, I realized I was not strolling, I was hobbling. My body had learned all kinds of ways to compensate for my weak left knee. I was not even standing up straight!

Later that week, a friend of mine mentioned he had just had a visit with a chiropractor. He is a proactive guy when it comes to health and has been a healing practitioner himself…so he is knowledgeable. He spoke of Dr. Maxwell’s adeptness and of her receptionist, Shauntelle, ‘so kind and helpful’.He was impressed. So I called for an appointment. And looking back…that was the best decision!

Today, my posture has improved, I stand differently, the alignment has helped alleviate the pain in my knee. And I look forward to each treatment. I have a great trust in Dr. Maxwell. I enjoy the healing atmosphere with Shauntelle at the helm in the waiting room. It only takes a few minutes and I am “powered on!” I feel like Captain Marvel! Thank you to the staff at Abundant Health for creating this great healing space in Bozeman!”

-Linda K.