Due to extreme stress, I had developed Bells Palsy, which was my motivator for scheduling my first appointment at Abundant Health. My initial exam showed that my spine was so out of alignment that is was putting additional stress on my body, and I was unable to process outside stress appropriately, resulting in Bells Palsy. I had been prescribed a handful of drugs by my MD that masked some symptoms, but did not get to the root of the problem. My chiropractic care has taken stress out of my body, allowing it the freedom and ability to heal and deal with life’s everyday stresses.

I feel more confident with my body. I had previously believed my rolled shoulders was hereditary, but now I can stand straight and confident, and it feels natural!

I have also noticed an increase in my immune system. I have not been getting colds like I used to, and my sleep is much more restful!

-Dana J.