…tying your shoes, and other life conveniences, that become a major inconvenience when your low back is paralyzed by pain! I know your pain, not just because I care for many people who are in a this state, but I too was humbled by debilitating back pain 1 week ago. People want to know “what happened”, as they wait in anticipation for a grand story of injury due to an epic event. Just like most of you, my story of “how it happened” was the unglamorous pulling on of riding boots, and the final straw of picking up a tiny 16 oz. watering can from under my sink. In addition to not having a sensational story, I also had to front the concept, that Chiropractors can’t have a back injury.

Can You Really Injure Your Back Picking up a 16 oz. Watering Can?

The answer of course is yes, and no.  Debilitating back pain injuries occur not from the “last straw” (lifting the 16 oz. watering can, bending to brush your teeth); but are a result of many factors called stress, and more specifically stress on your Nervous System.  Physical stress caused by old accidents, lifting heavy objects, repetitive movements, increased sitting, poor posture, abnormal gravitational stress and countless daily activities can spark misalignment of spinal bones (vertebrae), resulting in mild to severe back pain.  Emotional stress also, can cause strain to your back muscles, ligaments, and discs  due to muscle tension and internal increase in inflammation.  Together these stresses accumulate over time, causing a condition know as vertebral subluxation, which weakens your back by causing misalignment of vertebra,  improper motion of joints, dysfunction in muscle coordination especially stabilizing muscles, motor control errors,  inflexibility, poor suppleness and the result is that your tissues can’t withstand what would be considered a normal/ simple activity such as bending slightly to lift a small object like a piece of paper or 16 oz. watering can,  or even bending to brush your teeth or pull on your boots.  That action, surprisingly to you, results in an immediate “straining debilitating back pain” that does not allow you to stand, sit, lay down, or move at all with out spasm and pain.

What Exactly is Causing the Debilitating Back Pain?

When you develop spinal subluxation because of where and tear stressors, something no one is exempt from, many tissues can be involved. There is no one answer as to what is exactly causing your debilitating pain.  Your pain can be coming from a multitude of sources and dysfunctions.  Negative affects of your where and tear stressors can affect your joints, your ligaments (and discs, as that is a ligament)your bones, and your muscles….all which can be a source for your pain.

Joint Dysfunction: shrinks joint capsules, increases compressive loading, joint contracture, increase in inflammation, increase in joint fibrosis.

Ligament Dysfunction: Lowers failure point (tears with less force); decrease thickness of collagen (weaker ligaments), disc is strained/easier to tear, decreases oxygen, decrease nutrients, increase lactic acid concentration.

Bone Dysfunction: decreases bone density (easier to fracture or bruise), Eburnation (makes smooth surface rough/granular), bone spurs develop

Muscle Dysfunction: Spasm-discoordination, decrease thickening of collagen fibers (weaker), decreases oxygen, decreases muscle mass, decrease mitochondrial content (metabolism of healthy muscle cell), increase scar tissue where muscles connect (weak tendons), type 1 and 2 muscle atrophy (affects muscles that stabilize and muscles of your volunteer control).  For every week you are subluxated you lose 20% of total muscle strength.

What is the Best Way to Relieve and Heal Your Debilitating Back Pain?

Research Shows Chiropractic Alleviates Debilitating Back Pain.  A whopping 95 percent of the population will withstand back problems at some point during their lives. But despite the magnitude of this health challenge, many back-pain sufferers don’t realize that there is a highly effective and scientifically proven way to end their pain for good — chiropractic.

A wealth of research supports the use of chiropractic care for back pain. For instance, one study published in the Journal of Manipulative & Physiological Therapeutics found that chiropractic greatly outperforms placebo treatment.  The journal Spine reported performed a massive survey of over 2,000 patients. Chiropractic care was rated “very helpful” in relieving back pain by 61 percent of study participants. Only 27 percent said the same of conventional medicine.  Research published in the journal Orthopedics Today indicates that chiropractic care reduces recovery time — as well as the need for pain medication. This is particularly good news given the myriad side effects of pain medications. Over-the-counter pain relievers are linked to ulcers, stomach bleeding, asthma and breast cancer. And, research shows that steroid injections for back pain often cause complications, including herniated disks and infections.

Another study shows Chiropractic care is best for back pain.  For example, a report published in The Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics reports that chiropractic is the best option for patients with chronic low-back pain. The study, which looked at 138 patients with low-back pain, found that chiropractic patients were five times more likely to experience relief than were patients under medical  or Physical Therapy care. In addition, chiropractic patients enjoyed a 29 percent drop in disability, compared with only a one percent decline in medical/PT patients.

How Much Time Can You Expect to Be in Debilitating Pain?

For every individual, this time frame can be different based on what your mechanism of stress have been, what past injuries you have had, and what specific tissue is strained.  Some can recover within 7-10 days, others it may take more time.  Your Chiropractic evaluation will help you understand the specifics of your situation, and guide you on your path to returned health and pain free living.

Lower Your Odds of Debilitating Back Pain Recurrence

Many situations predispose people to Debilitating Back Pain. What’s worse, many of these patients suffer frequent recurrence of their pain after their initial recovery. Fortunately, chiropractic care can dramatically cut the odds of suffering a recurrence of debilitating back pain.  People with low back pain are less likely to suffer disability recurrence if they are cared for by a chiropractor, compared with a physical therapist or medical physician. These findings are from a study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.  Researchers used workers’ compensation data to follow 894 patients with debilitating low back pain for one year.  The study concludes that the use of health maintenance care provided by a physical therapist or physician was associated with a higher disability recurrence than care provided by a doctor of chiropractic.

Lastly – Avoid Back Surgery, at all costs!

When back surgery doesn’t work, the situation is called “failed back surgery syndrome.”  Ten percent to 40 percent of patients who undergo back surgery develop failed back surgery syndrome.  It’s a condition characterized by pain and decreased function.  In the past 2wo decades, the number of back surgeries performed each year has skyrocketed.  Back surgery is big business.  However, it isn’t always necessary.  That’s why it is essential to seek a Chiropractic evaluation before resorting to surgery.

If you have undergone back surgery, it is still important to have a chiropractic evaluation.  Research shows that chiropractic care is successful in eliminating back pain even when suger has failed.

Take Action Now to Get Answers, and More Importantly Help for Your Debilitating Back Pain.

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