….use the momentum to keep rolling with less effort!

2016 Winter Wellness Challengers, I am proud of you! Our crew documented over 863 hours, which equates to 36 full 24 hour days of fitness! (many hours were not officially accounted for)

So, it has been 2 weeks since the Pub Run. What is your plan now? After a big event, there can sometimes be a lull in your commitments just after.  Don’t let that lull become a crevasse you can’t climb out of.  You are primed to launch your new life style habits as spring and summer comes to Montana.  The longer days, and warming weathers will make your activities that much more available to you.  Look over the blogs, and re commit…not to me, but to yourselves.  Start with the first blog, and re-establish your plan.

Here is an “Improve your 10K time” program I am launching for myself, in addition to a “30 Day rider fitness Challenge”.

Here are some fun Montana race options (all of which I have personally participated or sponsored)  to consider over the next couple of months:

Also, keep your eyes open for continued in office weekly fitness endeavors, as well as our Flash Fitness posts! WE are NOT going to let you off the hook.

Although our Wellness Challenge culminated at a fun run, there are many ways each of you are building lifestyles of activity into your routines from running, CrossFit, Pilates, horse riding, hiking, biking, swimming, stretching, strengthening. Whatever your plan, realize you have taken a step up on your scale of excellence and personal standards….the old you is dust on your running shoes!


Congratulations Katie B., Ali F., Valerie W. for winning the FREE ADJUSTMENT over the last 2 weeks!

Most Documented Hours of Fitness: Valerie W. with 65 hours!

Fastest Run Times: Male:Paul M. Female: Kari L. Way to go!

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