Packet Pick Up:

  • Your race packets may be picked up on March 10th and 11th at the Emerson, between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m.
  • There is NO race day packet pickup.

Meeting Location:

  • Dr. Maxwell, Dr. Seitz, and Shauntelle will meet the Winter Wellness Challengers at:
  • 9:15 in front of the Nova Café (across the street from Pub317).
  • Wear your gray Wellness Challenge team Long Sleeve Thermal shirts so we can easily locate participants.
  • Muscle tight recipients, please wear your muscles…so we can really pick you out! 🙂
  • The buses load at 9:45. We will do our best to board the same bus, but it is pretty chaotic race morning with many participants. If our group gets separated, we have a location indicated on the PDF (attached to the email) at Sacajawea school were we can re-gather.


  • The Weather forecast for Saturday is 58 degrees, and a 40% chance of rain.
  • If you plan to walk race day, you will be exposed to the elements longer.  I would suggest that you bring a small pack with some layers, a snack, and a wind breaker or rain jacket.
  • If you plan to run race day, dress in layers, I would suggest long pants, and a thermal long sleeve shirt (our shirts are perfect) once you get moving you will warm up, even though the wait time may be a bit chilly.

Race day we plan to meet to provide support and comradery before your race. However, there are many variable goals for different participants.  Some of you want to have a personal best experience and will be more independent during the race, running ahead to accomplish your goal.  Others of you may want different degrees of support.  Those of you who wish to have the most support, we will do our best to be by your side. One of us (Shauntelle, Dr. Seitz, or Dr. Maxwell) will be sticking with the walkers.  Another may be with the Run/walkers…etc.  Match up with other challengers based on goals of speed etc. so you can have the support and motivation you desire for your race.  On the race course, when you see others in our T-shirt, be sure to give them a cheer of support!.

The end of the race is wildly energizing, euphoric, crowded, and celebratory! If we don’t see you at the end, know that we are proud of all your accomplishments.  Don’t’ forget to report your race results back to the office to be eligible for the prizes. This is not the end of our Wellness Challenge journey, it is merely the beginning!

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