Eat like you are an athlete!

So food, the big elephant in the room. There is about as much advice on food, dieting, supplements as there are words in the dictionary.  The result:  it can get confusing as wells as “trendy” really quickly perpetuating more benevolence.

On the most basic level…. You can never go wrong when the primary aspects of your diet come from foods not in a package, foods the closest to the way they are harvested in nature (fresh peas, vs. frozen, vs. canned); and foods you prepare and bake. Too simple?  Why complicate it?

Eating like an athlete. When you are not deficient in activity, your metabolism is charged,  your calorie intake stays in pace with your calorie burning meaning you don’t put excess “energy” in storage in the form of fat.  A key part to have nutritional simplicity is to be adequately active…that is a huge goal of our Winter Wellness Program, which is to create more movement which translates to energy burning, into your daily program and life habits!  Needs to manipulate food usually are a result of “weight loss” concerns.  Weight loss can never be handled strictly with diet alone.  It must always be accompanied with better movement habits to get lasting results.

I have included two great, more detailed, visit here regarding food and athletes. (The second is an old favorite of mine from when I was training for the Ironman Triathlon Championship in Hawaii)  These are if you want to understand some of the more specific relationships and details of how glucose, glycogen, fats, and proteins are actually utilized through different levels of activity and athletic performance and recuperation.

This Weeks Challenge:

20 walking lunges, 30 seconds of plank (or more should you wish), 20 sit ups, 20 push-ups, 10 Burpees, 3 Sun Salutations  (here is a link if you don’t know how to do one), 5 minutes of flexibility work. Keep up the great work crew!

WINNERS! (You are all of course winners, some won an additional prize this week)

Congratulations Sally P. for winning the FREE ADJUSTMENT last week!

Congratulations Scott H. and Amy S. for winning a set of muscles!

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