who are you kidding?

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness…….bottom line, if you are working out, you are feeling it. As you are ramping up time doing new activities, or doing similar activities with more intensity, it makes you sore. This soreness is normal, and a part of your fitness transformation.  It’s the trademark of being and getting fit.

Here is a great link to an article: No Pain, No Gain – The 5 Myths about Muscle Soreness

As your fitness level is transforming, in addition to muscle soreness, you may notice more tightness and stiffness in your body as well. This is where your stretch and flexibility routines can help.  Here is a link to stretching routines specific for runners, however the internet is a gold mine of many ways to incorporate stretching into your weekly programs.

When you are aligned you are well….ideal nerve communication helps every athlete (person) have a higher level of performance, coordination, which all aid in efficient recovery times as well as prevents injuries of the repetitive and traumatic nature. Remember to keep your weekly adjustment at the core of your fitness transformations.

Lastly, vital nutrients (fish oil, probiotic, Vit. D, water, and balanced diets with minimal processed foods) provide your body with the building blocks to repair your muscles and grow healthy cells.

This Weeks Challenge:

20 walking lunges, 30 seconds of plank (or more should you wish), 20 sit ups, 20 push-ups, 3 Sun Salutations  (here is a link if you don’t know how to do one) and 5 minutes of flexibility work (of your choice or use one of the running stretch options above.  Keep up the great work crew!

WINNERS! (You are all of course winners, some won an additional prize this week)

Congratulations Natalie M. for winning the FREE ADJUSTMENT last week!

Congratulations Kristen T. for winning a set of muscles!

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