Have you ever committed to something and later thought What was I thinking? That was my thought when I told Dr. Maxwell and Shauntelle I would participate in the Winter Wellness Challenge AND the Pub Run. I haven’t run in a year! A 10K seemed a little ambitious for my first race. Early January I tracked down a 15-week training plan for a 10K. It sat there reminding me I need to start.

Procrastination, defined in Psychology Today, is irrational delay or postponement.

I have learned a few things. First of which, if you don’t write it on the calendar, it won’t get done. Secondly, goals (especially writing them down), are important. All lofty goals need to be broken into “mini” easily attainable goal, to use as little bench marks along the way. A few days ago I decided my goal is to RUN the pub run. ALL of it. Like you, each week I will set small goals to chip away at the big goal. Here is where I started: Small goal # 1: on the first night, run ½ mile without stopping. Small goal # 2: run 1 mile without stopping at the end of week 1.

Waiting to develop courage is just another form of procrastination (aka irrational postponement or delay). The most successful people take action while they’re afraid!

Why would I possibly irrationally postpone something that is going to be fun and healthy for me? Am I really afraid of feeling good and having fun? So I dusted off my tennies with determination, I ran my ½ mile, I felt great, I liked it, and I have survived to support you in doing the same!

So dust off your shoes, choose your path to the Pub, fuel your courage, and let’s all drop the label of being an “irrational postponer”!

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