Yes that’s right, we are going to talk about your BIG “P”. PLANNING….it makes all the difference! Many times we have new goals and aspirations, but can’t seem to find a starting point to actualize them. You CANNOT expect to change your personal results until you change your course and routines.  An experience that I hope you get from your participation in the Winter Wellness Challenge is inspiration to look at your time and day differently. No one ever complains that they have too much time!  So to maximize your commodity of time, you will need to PLAN differently.  One coach said this:

“Champions don’t do extraordinary things,” Dungy would explain. “They do ordinary things, but they do them without thinking. They follow the habits they’ve learned. He wanted them to react automatically, habitually. If he could instill the right habits, his team would win. Period!”

Only 1 Rule for Planning a New Health Routine:

  1. Schedule it as a non-negotiable appointment for yourself.
    So take out a calendar for the next 6 weeks. Choose days and times to do specific activities.  Things to consider putting on your calendar:
  1. Your specific 10 K training schedule activity
  2. Your weekly Winter Wellness Challenge of the week
  3. Your snack and food habit plan
  4. Shopping and Meal Planning
  5. Check marks to mark off your accomplishments

This Weeks Challenge:

Minimum of 140 walking lunges this week (20/day).

Don’t know what a walking lunge is, click here.

What’s your 10K Training plan?

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