Congratulations!!! YOU accepted the challenge and are reaping all the benefits, you showed up and made things happen!  YOU should be proud of yourselves and your new lifestyle habits you are creating.  Don’t stop here, this was a stepping stone to help you start to establish routine, and create the reality of how to incorporate fitness into your life regularly! In all fitness routines, their is a time to hit it hard and a time to recover.  Spend this week enjoying a recuperative fitness routine.  Schedule this into your habits of exercise after you have accomplished a large fitness event or goal to reset and enjoy your accomplishments.  As you have researched and participated in the routine of fitness, I’m sure you have noticed that rest is incorporated weekly.  This is to let your body catch up and recuperate.  This is where your chiropractic adjustments also come in.  They help you perform better in your activities, they help your body recover and they provide a central nervous system that is well tuned to heal, repair, and adapt.  Some of the specific ways that your chiropractic adjustments help you in your athletic endeavors:

  • Adjustments treat, and more important prevent athletic injuries.
  • Adjustments improve your performance
  • Adjustments correct your vertebral subluxations that can impede your physical activity
  • As adjustments relate specifically to running, it helps you run faster and safer

These are just a few ways that your routine, prevention/stress based chiropractic care serves you.  There is also research that speaks to specific injuries and functions relating to low back pain, runners knee, feet issues, shoulder issues.  So if you ever develop any of these symptoms, or special ones of your own,  be certain to bring them to Dr. Maxwell’s attention so you can reap the full benefits of your routine adjustments. 

This Weeks Challenge:

Easy Week- keep your hours of activity the same, just decrease your intensity.

Reset your next Goal/Inspiration for continuing. At every finish line, is a new start.


Congratulations Heather H. for winning the FREE ADJUSTMENT this week!

Congratulations John A.  Your are the fastest race time winner for the Pub Run!

Make sure to post your workout/acitvity hours at the office or on the FaceBook event page, we will be calculating them Thursday, March 19th for the most hours prize.

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