You’ve been working hard, challenging yourself, and expanding yourself.  Congratulations!  What’s left you ask?  Fine tuning yourself for longevity.  This requires some attention to detail, but at a more relaxed heart rate. Taking care of your strength and flexibility is important for protecting your body from injury and for well rounding your workout experience.  When you’re at your peak fitness level, running allows well-toned core muscles to work in sync. When your foot hits the ground, they hold your trunk rock-solid as the kinetic energy from your foot transmits to your hamstring, up to your arm and back down to your other foot. A conditioned core prevents any wiggling in your torso and keeps you from deflecting energy, so you run faster. Core conditioning reduces the chances of all sorts of injuries, ranging from common running injuries to those that are considered a  part of the aging and activity process. Core strength training improves stability and balance, two qualities that you’ll lose without practice. And without them, routine running and even regular activities — like sitting in an office chair all day at work can cause injury.  Great examples of core conditioning activities include yoga, ballet, planks, cross fit exercises, and Pilates.  One of Bozeman’s best resources for Pilates, is Bridger Pilates.  You can reach out to Amy or Cynthia for one on one recommendations or group exercise opportunities.

Core conditioning should be a part of your routines at a rate of about 2 times a week.

This Weeks Challenge:

Do 3 sun salutations each day.

And take 4 minutes to dance with these kids ,  or these kids.  Choose one each day.  Even Magic Mike dances for strength and flexibility.


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