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Definition of Intensity:

1. Physics. magnitude, as of energy or a force per unit of area, volume, time, etc.

That’s right people, take your volume/area of space you occupy and in a short time exert magnitudes of force and energy…..and this is called fun and fitness and this is called High Intensity Training (HIT).  After reading last weeks blog, I’m sure you were wondering how else to mix it up.  High Intensity Training is a part of getting fit, that is fun, done in a short work out and bang for your buck, helps you get stronger  (heart, soul, and body) and burns more fat overtime.  A couple times a week your activities, should take you to fatigue, make it hard to breath and talk, and make you shake. The good news, it only needs to last 10-20 minutes, and your workout is done for the day.  If you have never done this type of exercise, it is best to start this program with the guidance of a gym like Bridger Crossfit or if you have exercise classes offered at your gym, they usually have a couple of HIT programs available with the guidance of a trainer or coach.  Sprint interval workouts on a bike, running, rowing, skiing or swimming are also equivalent examples of HIT.

Example routine with running: 

  • Warm up at a slow run 10 minutes.
  • Sprint 30 seconds at 90% for you
  • Walk 1 min.
  • Squat 20 times
  • Squat to jump 20 times (squat and from this position jump)
  • Repeat as many times as possible in 15-20 min.
  • Cool down with walking and stretching

Components and Benefits of High Intensity Training (HIT):

    • HIT – brief, infrequent (2 times/week), 15-20 minutes in length
    • Equivalent to 5X worth of endurance/aerobic activity
    • Burns fat more effectively
    • Lowers insulin
    • Speeds up your metabolism for a couple of days (burn more calories after work out)
    • Improves strength of your muscles
    • Improves strength, adaptability of your heart and cardiovascular system
    • Used to be thought of as activity only for the fit, but is key to getting fit and staying fit.
    • People like it because it is efficient and doesn’t require equipment, you can do it anywhere, it is challenging and you get quick results
    • Lose fat/weight, not muscle
    • Challenging
    • Not an exercise starting point (If you have not been exercising you should do a good 4 weeks of endurance/aerobic exercise before starting a HIT routine)

This Weeks Challenge:

Do this set of activities 2 times this week:  As fast as you can, do 10 squats, 10 pushups, and 10 full sit-ups. Then do nine reps of each. Then eight, seven, six, and so forth, until you reach one rep of each exercise. Rest as little as possible between sets. Record your time, and try to improve each week.

Or do this 10 minute routine 2 times this week: HIT


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