If your goal for movement is to relax, have a break from your daily routine, and just move your body endurance is the routine for you.    If you are trying to lose more body fat,  you want to get stronger, you want to improve your heart/lung capacity,  and you don’t have 2 hours/day 5-7X/week – you will need to add other styles of exercise to your routine. Switching up your workout is essential to building endurance and stamina. The human body gets use to a workout after two weeks.  You need to move the muscles in a different way and with different intensity to have a well rounded workout experience.  It is also important to keep your mind and body guessing.   A component of your program should include endurance, but when it is the only training style you use you will plateau in its overall affects on your health.

Components and Benefits of Endurance Training :

    • Light – Moderate heart rate, you can do it for a long time
    • Fat burning for energy
    • Improves ability to utilize oxygen more efficiently
    • Improves ability to process carbon dioxide more efficiently
    • Improves muscles related to respiration
    • Decreases stress, improves Blood Pressure

Down falls of endurance training (low heart rate over longer times)

    • Overuse injuries are more likely
    • Not great for lean muscle development
    • Breaks down muscle for energy
    • Only get consistent fat loss when done 5-7X/week
    • Takes more time to do

This Weeks Challenge:

20 Burpee-Pistol Squats Challenge click here.  Pace yourself and modify this one as needed, as it is a more complex movement sequence.  Most of all have fun with it!


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