Ever feel bored with your exercise routine? Do you feel like your routine is no longer promoting an increase in your heart rate, because your body is “used to it”? Have you noticed you are starting to have strains in your feet, knees, hips, shoulders or wrists from your exercise routine? Is your exercise partner driving your crazy with the same sad story? It’s time to Mix it UP!

Prevent injuries and boredom and build new muscle and break through a weight loss plateau by mixing up your routine!

Here are the key ingredients necessary for a well rounded routine:

1. Endurance Activity

2. High Intensity Training

3. Strength Training

4. Flexibility Training

Whether your activity of choice is dancing, yoga, running, Crossfit, Pilates or best, a combination of all these resources.  Having variety in intensity and activity are the key.

This Weeks Challenge:

140 Push Ups, 140 Crunches (20/day for 7 days)


Daily 5 minute Ab workout, click here.

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