No Excuses, Tear Down your Mental Walls!

  1. Be nice to yourself—stumbles and failures are going to happen, no one’s perfect.
  2. Do what you can do and do it consistently then worry about optimizing later as you gain traction.
  3. Understand how habits work: reminder cue, routine, reward. (Schedule it, do your routine, and determine your reward ). In order to be successful at fitness, it needs to be in the same category of the brain as sleeping, eating, and sex.
  4. You are not Lazy, You may just be starting from zero.  People are actually lazy because they’re out of shape and don’t exercise, not the reverse.
  5. Find your Secret Sauce! Look for your own combination of tools, tips, techniques, and advice that will support you and your health and fitness goals.

This Weeks Challenge:

140 air squats this week (20/day).  Don’t know what an air squat is, click here.

What’s your 10K Training plan?

Runners World programs divided into Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Secret Sauce…… we want to know your recipe, don’t forget to post on our FaceBook even as well as at the office.  (It get’s your name in for the weekly drawing).

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