More case studies and research showing how getting adjusted, especially utilizing the Webster technique can help you and your baby get into the best position for birth!

Choose Bozeman’s prenatal and pediatric specialist, Dr. Kimberly Maxwell who offers:

– Special training in prenatal and pediatric care

– Gentle adjustments for good posture and structural alignment, so your baby can grow without constriction

– Nervous system checks throughout your pregnancy to assure your comfort and energy level

– Pediatric cranial work

– Consultations to improve nutrition, reduce stress, and keep you as active as possible (factors that contribute to a more natural birthing process and support the baby’s health)

Abundant Health Family Chiropractic is THE go-to resource for the health and wellbeing of your entire family, starting with prenatal care!  Dr. Kimberly Maxwell, of Abundant Health Family Chiropractic in Bozeman is one of Montana’s first chiropractors certified in this technique.  We have seen the successes here in Bozeman.  Call our office today , 406-585-7000, if your baby is in a breech, transverse, or posterior position so we can help.