In a recent study conducted by Spine Journal  there is mounting evidence that recommends the frequency of getting adjusted 2x per month has been shown it may prevent future episodes of lumbar spine pain.

Read the study here:

The measurable data included: Pain (VAS Score) and disability (Oswestry), which were reduced continually with the group receiving maintenance treatment.  In conclusion it states Chiropractic adjustments are  “effective for the treatment of chronic nonspecific Low Back Pain”. To obtain long-term benefit, this study suggests maintenance Chiropractic spinal adjustments at a minimum frequency of 2X/month after your initial intensive therapy (Intensive therapy at higher frequency may be recommended in the beginning based on your issues.  Intensive therapy can be recommended for up to the first 90 days of your care).

This study helps answer the question, why ongoing Chiropractic care is recommended, even when you have no back pain.  In addition to helping back concerns, it is also linked to decreasing stress, improving immunity, improving sleep, decreasing acid reflux, improving energy, and decreasing medication use.

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