Today is the first snow of this season.  Be mindful while driving! Here are some winter driving tips from the Weather Channel:

  1. Decrease your speed and leave yourself plenty of room to stop. You should allow at least three times more space than usual between you and the car in front of you.
  2. Brake gently to avoid skidding. If your wheels start to lock up, ease off the brake.
  3. Turn on your lights to increase your visibility to other motorists.
  4. Keep your lights and windshield clean.
  5. Use low gears to keep traction, especially on hills.
  6. Don’t use cruise control or overdrive on icy roads.
  7. Be especially careful on bridges, overpasses and infrequently traveled roads, which will freeze first. Even at temperatures above freezing, if the conditions are wet, you might encounter ice in shady areas or on exposed roadways like bridges.

Should you find yourself in a situation where you have experienced a slide off the road, or have had impact with another vehicle, please consider the following information.

Chiropractic Alleviates Auto Injuries

Minor fender benders may not be as minor as you think. Crash tests indicate that automobile occupant injury can occur at speeds of 2.5 mph while vehicle damage may not occur until 8.7 mph.

Regardless of the speed, not all auto injuries are obvious. For instance, detecting whiplash and misaligned spinal bones (vertebrae) requires a complete musculoskeletal examination: including X-rays. Left undiagnosed, these hidden injuries can wreak havoc months — and even years — after enduring a motor accident.

Rear-end collisions, striking nonmoving objects and being broadsided by another vehicle are leading causes of immediate and sustained low-back injury. Chiropractic care restores proper spinal alignment while relieving low-back pain. There are also numerous studies highlighting its effectiveness in reconciling injuries to the neck, chest and limbs.

To learn more about the benefits of chiropractic and it relates to evaluating your auto accident injuries, call Dr. Kimberly Maxwell (406) 585-7000Abundant Health Family Chiropractic in Bozeman is THE go-to resource for the health and wellbeing of your entire family, starting with prenatal care.