According to a scientific study published in the medical journal Obstetrics and Gynecology, roughly one half of all pregnant women battle backache. Fortunately, there’s a powerful and safe solution to pregnancy-related backache: chiropractic care. 

Pregnancy may be one of the best times to benefit from chiropractic care.  While it’s always best to have a properly working nervous system, it’s especially helpful during pregnancy, because it is helping 2 people.  Chiropractic addresses the underlying causes of pregnancy-related back pain, which are rooted in postural imbalances in the spine. In addition, chiropractic allows moms-to-be to enjoy relief while avoiding painkilling medications, which may cause birth defects. Adjusting methods are modified to accommodate the mom and baby on the way. 

And research has demonstrated that this unique health-care approach is highly effective for ending pregnancy-related back pain. For instance, one study that examined expectant mothers with joint misalignment of the hips concluded that, “After chiropractic adjustments, 10 of the 11 women had relief of pain and no longer exhibited signs of sacroiliac subluxation.” Adjustments are also reported to facilitate for shorter and easier births. 

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